i wish i could write reminders all over my hands and arms without anyone else noticing.

i wouldn't have to buy a planner or anything.


recycling again

and oh i creak like floorboards under
all the weight of you
and when you walk around, i mutter
all that we've been through

also, found a way to rhyme "crackle" and "black hole," which is one of my prouder songwriting moments.
this new song is still unfinished, though, as of yet. needs another two verses and possibly a bridge.
i have been writing verse-chorus instead of AABA lately. it comes and goes in phases, i guess.


big old house, on a hill

a place to live! a place to live!
for a year, at least.

it's very old and very quirky, but that's what makes it interesting and charming. i hope this is it. i hope this works out. fingers crossed, people.


saturday night

the beer in lingering in my nostrils
the wind is lingering in my hair


everything floats down here

anything that sinks from up there
floats down here

i miss msp.
i miss it as a representation of the cusp of psuedo-adulthood for me.
i miss many more things about it but i just don't feel like writing it all out right now. there's not really much to do with that information other than wallow in it, and i don't really want to do that right now.