i've started screaming at night as i'm going to sleep. it's like that feeling of falling some people get that jerks them awake, except it's not falling. it's more like a lightning bolt that flashes across my head. i'm never really scared, and i'm getting more annoyed than anything. i don't know why it's happening.

i'm worried, though, that it'll start happening during the day. i can feel it creep in sometimes. it would be so hard to explain to other people. "naw, i just yell like this sometimes. totally okay."

maybe it's time to research sleep disorders.


movie quotes

"you'll be amazed by how many times you fall in love"

i am saddened by all of the lost chances.



i wanna be in your club! c'mon; please?


not really a poem

to my brother on his 18th birthday.

we've been in the same room, not speaking.
we've been in the same car, not speaking.
we have lived lives separate but equal;
parallel and intersecting.

now you are "old enough," arbitrarily a member of adulthood;
but today, i will remember when you were smaller than me,
leaning your head against my shoulder and falling asleep on long car rides.
i was so glad, then, for you to be quiet.
i am so glad, now, that i had a chance to hold you.