this is the year that i graduate from college, that i am legally able to buy a drink, that i have to "grow up and get a job," that i am free to move where i please, that i become shackled by student debt.

i am going to read a lot this year, move a lot this year, write a lot this year, laugh a lot this year, sing a lot this year. i am going to meet lots of people and love lots of people.

everything is full of uncertainties. i don't know where i'm going to be living in a few months. i don't know what i'll be doing to afford where i'm living. i don't know how music is going to be working out. but it will be okay.

it doesn't feel like a "new year," but marking the passage of time has never been my specialty.

of course, to follow along with tradition, i will make a list of goals:
finish the EP
find a drummer and bassist
record with the marxists
get a job
meet more people; specifically, writers and musicians
be able to do a few pull-ups
be able to run and run and run
get some radio play (what)
participate in a slam (but don't feel guilty if i don't)
write more spoken word stuff
plan an album
maintain pen pal relationships
go hiking somewhere around the cities
write. write. write.

my posts are boring and unpoetic lately; i will give you something better later.