catch up

i haven't written in here in almost a month.

here are some bullet points.

- i love vince guaraldi
- music that swings is almost definitely the best music of all
- hip hop everywhere
- i've already read four books this year (although they were short, it still counts)
- also read a play
- school has only been in session a week and it already feels like ages
- can't wait to graduate; terrified of graduation; same old story
- my directed study proposal was denied, which was shitty
- my new directed study was proposed for me, but it should be okay, i guess
- been reading about songwriting
- checked out the complete lyrics of johnny mercer from the library
- i want to spend my life in the library
- it was 15 below yesterday

i am contemplating writing a rather lengthy entry about food, but i'm not sure i'm up to the task. i've been watching this show called "supersize v. superskinny," and i've become, for a lack of a better word, obsessed. i've always been obsessed with bodies and food and what food does to bodies. who knows. we'll see.

i'm at work and it's boring, so i don't want to leave this entry just yet. i'd like to keep going, if only to have something to do. i'm pretty much here alone with my thoughts (and my homework), so...basically i'm doing nothing.

but. off to study beethoven. this is the semester of productivity (i hope).

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