so generally, i complain in this blog about my lack of writing. however, looking over this past semester, i've written a lot of songs. at least ten. and that's pretty good, considering what a wash the summer was as far as writing goes.

i've written a song suite that i'm proud of. there's a video on youtube. here is a link if you'd like to watch it. the mixing is poor and i did the recording between midnight and three in the morning, but otherwise i think it's pretty alright. the photographs were taken by my friend satpreet. you can find links to her stuff in the video description; she's magnificently talented.

i also wrote the sexiest/coolest song i've ever written this semester. it's this shuffle-y minor thing in three with an electric guitar and organ and stuff. i dunno. kind of out of character in comparison to the pale-blue piano/vocal mainstays. this is a bit darker, a bit richer. i don't have a link at the moment, as it ought to be mixed properly, but i'm not opposed to sharing with those who inquire.

so i'm growing as a musician. i need a band. i need to get my shit together in that arena. but it feels good to realize that i've been writing. and a lot, at that.

in other news, home for the holidays.
but that's for a personal post; that's for another day.
(i have lots of days, now, in which to write about whatever i choose)

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