bears, beets, birthdays, etc

this picture makes me laugh and also cry a little bit.


birthday run-down.

waking up too early (unhappy). texting the family (they're glad i'm around). bookstore (unsuccessful in terms of purchasing, successful in terms of wasting time and holding books). ihop (little boy singing "baby," and then telling me about his spiderman shirt). mall of america (the microsoft store is a bizarre land). grocery shopping (sample day). library (dad called). cookie-baking (so much sugar). friends, movies, youtube videos, the game of things (much better). not studying or doing homework (back to feeling nervous, strange, and a bit unhappy).

[what am i supposed to do with myself?]

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Dean Alexander said...

Your day was a bit like a rollercoaster?
Good and bad always seem to be in such a close relationship with each other. Happy Belated Birthday,

-Dean :)