baa baa black sheep

my family is downstairs watching football, talking about sports and black friday shopping.
i am in my bedroom, charging my phone, wishing i could stay up here and read.

i love them, i do, i just really like alone time and quiet and conversations about things that aren't sports. but all good books are about misfits and outcasts. not that i don't fit in...i don't know. i just feel different than them, some days. and i am.

they just don't really like public radio or good music or reading the kinds of books i read or anything.

also, all i wanted to do this thanksgiving was talk about how sad the beginning of our country is, but i know better than that.

blah blah blah. i should be spending time with my family. my current mantra is "when you are somewhere, be there," so i should be here, with my family, spending time with them. not sitting in my room alone. no more being anti-social!

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Anonymous said...

It's not anti-social to want your own quiet time - I can't manage life without having my quiet time in my room! You deserve at least an hour a day for yourself. So don't feel guilty about it.