uphill, both ways

i want to be able to run far and fast, lift heavy things, be a primal and useful human being.

i'd also like to read more, think more, sit around and intellectualize.

i worry that i can't always use all the parts of me to their fullest potential without losing parts of the ones i'm ignoring.

somehow i will have to convince myself that braun requires brain. or something.

in other news, i am back in michigan, i am feeling the calm within the storm. i have big scratches on my arms from dog claws and i have meatless meatloaf in my belly. it is apparently my job to change the way my family moves and eats and lives, to make them healthier, to make them better, when this is something i'm not always sure how to do. we'll see how this goes. more walks are definitely in order.

i'd like to wear dresses more often. i don't know how to do that.

i'm taking some new steps towards sustainability. hopefully i don't become one of those people who talks your ear off about them. i know i'm a sorry hypocrite at least seventy percent of the time, but that other thirty percent...i'll try to convert you.

my life, as always, is a combination of guilt, tranquility, and worry. i've got three weeks off to think about things. hopefully i'll come here and share some of them. no promises, though.

(poor blog, getting neglected more often lately.
it's not you; it's me.
i'm getting burnt out.)

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