i always realize what i want when there is not enough time left to get it.

(my to-do list is consistently abandoned. i do not know what i do with my days. maybe i needed this break, but i am still upset about it. i feel uninspired, unmotivated, unsure, unwilling. i am many un-s.)

hiked through lake harbor park as the sun was setting. scraped up my legs. climbed a tree. sap all over my hands, dirt all over my feet. breathing heavily. climbing dunes is still difficult. for every step one takes, the sand slides back. one must run to get to the top.

a little bit of my blood dripped from my leg into lake michigan. i feel, now, that somehow my veins and the great lakes are sharing something. scientifically, this is unhygienic and disgusting, but if i take a step back, it is beautiful and poetic.

i need to read more, see more, learn more, watch more, touch more, listen more.

what am i doing with my time?

i need to love more.

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