i am not good with the youth. i am not good with people my own age, with people half my age, with people twice my age. i am not good with people. i love them. they love me. we don't love each other (the right way, the way i want).

i am perplexed by cell phones and too flustered for letters. i am caught up with strangers but too afraid to talk to those i know. i watch people from a distance in the park, but i don't have the confidence to walk up to an artist at a show. never, never.

how do people make friends?
i don't know if i am any good at it.
i am scared of people; i am shy.
i am lonely.
i have a lot of good in me.

i just talk too loudly.
i just hide in the corner with my mouth shut.
i just don't know what to do with my awkward body.
i just haven't done this in so long.

(i miss people i still talk to.
we change. we change. we change.)

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