thumbs up and out

oh, hello, self-medication-through-eating.

you were the worst possible hitchhiker i could've picked up on my road to (what was supposed to be) success. but now you've hopped into the passenger seat, here to convince me that eating five handfuls of goldfish-cracker ripoffs called "whales" is a positive solution to looking at swimsuits for the past few days and feeling like a beached whale myself. you operate entirely in the ironic, don't you?

well, tomorrow. tomorrow i will conquer you. i will vanquish you with sensible portion sizes and fruits and vegetables. i will begin working out instead of eating up.


today i will finish off a few more cherries and then whine for a little while about this research paper.

(the rain...the rain is bringing me down, man.)

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like one of those coffee house poems of the beatnik era, but I like it anyway.