home improvement

i want this to be the summer i am happy with myself.

here is a list of things.
i am sort of hoping the public-shaming technique might work out for me.

- get down to a weight i feel good about
- dress better (i.e., abandon the t-shirt most of the time)
- take more walks
- go out and about and explore more
- go to more shows
- spend less time on the internet
- spend more time consuming art
- start putting videos of my songs/cover songs online
- record more songs
- write more poems
- participate in at least one slam
- make a few more friends
- stop saying "but i can't because"

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Kellene, Fortifying Whimsy said...

I am excited for our shopping trips! You should just remember that you are one of the most beautiful people i know.. and I think we should take nice nature-y walks together when you are home.. :)