just one

i had forgotten.

should've, could've, would've - i won't indulge in any of these.
i am okay with the way things turned out.

i wish i were so many things.
i wish i knew.

(out of many, never one.)

spent a mid-week-weekend catching up with people.
it's funny who we love, who we grow out of. who we should've called and who we should've ignored. (these "we"s are gradually becoming "i"s. also, i forget how to pluralize words.)
wrote a poem on the back of someone else's bank receipt about a taking a piss with a cat rubbing up against my legs. forgot it in someone else's bedroom. he will probably throw it away and it will be lost forever.

i don't lead a poetical life, but i try to write about it, anyway. i need more exploits.

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