you should run

women are hard to make friends with. i like them well enough, but men.
oh man, men.
they make more sense for me. more of them stick around, more of them talk about the things i like to talk about, more of them seem to be genuine and more of them seem to know what they're about.
i do have female friends, and i do love them, but there seem to be less of them.

(or maybe it's just hard to make friends with women here?
the selection is much smaller.)

i worry, though, that this not-really-getting-women thing is bad. am i getting sectioned off from my peer group? should i be searching out women to befriend? should i want "girl talk" with people? (i mean, that's just relationships and other stuff i could talk about with the boys if i really wanted to.) i know there isn't really a "should" here, but sometimes i feel strange. i am always the girl who hangs out with boys.
(but i love them, i do.
and they don't even make me cry.)

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