there have been more fictional characters than real-life interactions in my life the past couple of days.
this is not how break should be going.

but oh, well. storytelling is such an important facet of society, and humor is altogether necessary when i'm so preoccupied with very unfunny things.

maybe i need less tv shows, though.
this weekend will be good. a visit to the old stomping grounds. (i spent two years there. how odd, to think about it now. two whole years. i'm so much older now than i was at the beginning. i will be much, much older in two more years.)

time to go mother my mother, record a song, and write a little.

[also, i've decided i don't like the fat-acceptance movement in its totality.
and i'm finally going to get myself in shape, after 7 years of procrastination.]

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