silent drive.

the drive back from grand rapids tonight was oddly empty. there were no other cars on the road for maybe twenty minutes or more of that drive, and i was surrounded by orange construction barrels reflecting back at me.

i started to cry as soon as i hit fulton. i didn't stop until i got to coopersville.

"the end of history" sang to me until the car sat in the garage.

i am not sure what to think or how to feel. i've already started a letter.

it begins.

[i move this week]
{what about love?}

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S. Kahlon said...

Blah, blah. I miss you. Knowing that you are so far away makes me miss you as if I would be seeing you if you weren't so far away. Which is a lie. I would not be seeing you regardless.

Update this thing already. I need something to keep myself occupied.