all the way down

i'd rather not fall in love, i am thinking.

i'd rather, at this point, go for easy hook-ups and friends with benefits and cuddle buddies and all the goodness and joy in human contact without the emotions that sometimes drown the simplicity.
but, of course, i am saying this in this moment right now.
tomorrow morning, i will probably change my mind.

but for some reason, it seems like detachment and looking at everything like a scientist could be oh so much easier, don't you think?

"i propose an experiment."
"are you asking me out?"

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Underneath the trees said...

this is me being a creeper and commenting on your blog. yes i do have one myself :)

i felt compelled to comment because the ending lines to this entry made me literally laugh out loud.

and because you're amazing.

Oh, also....this is Megan O'Neil. ha!