i just
don't want
to break
anyone's heart
that's all

not saying
that i'm
a heartbreaker
just that
maybe he'd
leave less
satisfied than
he came.

[touch my hand again]



a lot of old things are getting kicked back up, and i am realizing that i need to deal with stuff i've been ignoring. better now than never to attempt to clear my head, right?

[he cut my wrists with an imaginary blade to make a blood oath and i cringed and felt grateful.]



you'll be coming to see me.
i hope.


jane doe

i am immensely proud to be part of something so powerful.

so many women have so many stories to tell. so many people.
it was so incredible to see their faces, to understand that i was speaking for someone whose voice was taken.
they are so strong.


is it rude?

you know i'll miss you, too.



it's time to be happy, let the load off my shoulders, enjoy everything that's happening.

and worry about money and logistics later....right?


joni and herbie

i think it might be a sign from god, all these names that fall in together, all these songs that play together.
little, brilliant transitions.

i feel the most like me when i am traveling. it is a strange constant in a world that always changes.


practice makes perfect.

in less than 24 hours, i will be back in my hometown.
in less than 48 hours, i will be back in minnesota.
in less than 96 hours, i will be done with my audition.
in less than 120 hours, i will be back in my hometown.

it's all pretty quantifiable, isn't it?

what you can't quantify are my nerves, my emotions, my excitement, my fear.

one train, one bus, one plane.

wish me luck and send me love.