my current focus is less consumption. i want to be green. i want to eat locally grown foods and walk everywhere possible and buy less things i don't need. obviously this will take a transition period; i'm not going to all of a sudden change my entire life. i can, however, start now instead of later. i'm using a reusable water bottle and coffee cup to use less plastic and paper. i don't eat meat anymore. i hang my clothes instead of using the dryer. i travel using the train and bus.
but, really, i still use a lot of electricity and water, and am in no way an exceptional model of a low carbon footprint.
at least i'm trying, i guess?

i wish more people were earth-conscious. you have to do what you can now to make sure you don't have to do what you must later. and what harm will it do to just start now? even little things.

i know i'm not one to lecture, but. spread the word. stop doing at least one little thing, and it all of them added up can make a big difference.

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