i am sitting here at almost-6:30 in the morning looking at pictures of the terrorist attacks in mumbai, and i'm not sure what to think.

how can people do this
how can people do this to other people
didn't you know what you'd do to them
that boy lost his parents, and his three aunts
and is in a hospital alone, only ten, experiencing
pain like no other pain before
and that boy lost his parents, too, but he is much younger
and won't ever know them
except through photographs and other peoples' stories

is this what you intend to do to humanity?
is this somehow the plan of your god?
to inflict pain and suffering upon all of the innocents of the world?
how does this even make sense to you?

it is preposterous to think that any religion would condone this,
and yet
here come the extremists.

[it is at this point where i feel like organized religion is just enabling, enabling.
it can also enable good things
but some people should just not be allowed to have it, because it is taken too far.]

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