explain it.

i get so frustrated at traditional schooling.

i understand the subject matter. talk to me about it! why do i have to write a paper for you? why can't i just sit down with you over a cup of coffee and discuss this, like we are real intellectuals, like i am really learning? i wish that were the forum. i wish i could learn as an individual and not as a graded piece of paper. i am good at writing most of the time, but i feel like right now, i can't get a single thing out. i even got an extension on this paper, and nothing is happening.

where did my zest for the academic life go?

i still have it, but i want it on my own terms.

(i can't wait for graduate studies)

also, the election is soon, and i hope america makes the right choice, and that choice isn't stolen from them.
yes, i get a little paranoid about rigged voting machines.
but shouldn't we all be, a little?

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