"i'm telling you all these things because you're really the only stable one in all of this."

i have no idea how to respond.

what am i supposed to do?

["what happened to you?"]


the bright side

there's a song in everything
and where would i get them without thoughts too big for my head?


fire alarm

now that i know how much i don't want to be here, or do this
i'm really not exactly sure how to handle the situation

but since i don't know where to go anyway
it doesn't really fucking matter
i'm stuck somewhere where i am who i'm not
and i'm not who i am



i have no plans.

i have three strings dangling in front of me
but the fourth one is tying my hands


the night i came back

if only everyone lived their life according to freudian slips.

and i think i may, for a little while.



my mind is so confused, i climb back on top of you
and i'm changing the ribbons on this old underwood
step out of your dress and i'll wear you like a hood
for a hood is a home
for someone who lives alone

(i'm having a love affair with words)



it's amazing how one forgets how one felt
and then all of a sudden
with a song
an action
a word
the gates break down and the thoughts flood in

remember when i used to say those things?
when i used to feel that way?
when i used to.

sometimes, i still do.


the eighth month

October turned my maple's leaves to gold;
The most are gone now; here and there one lingers:
Soon these will slip from out the twigs' weak hold,
Like coins between a dying miser's fingers.



other peoples' secrets


i can't believe it's almost midterms.
this year is going to fly by.


political blog

i'm sorry, but i have to put this somewhere.
i hate sarah palin.

she was a horrible choice for the GOP ticket.
she hasn't been able to answer any questions on policy.
she shouldn't be allowed to say the words "women's rights."
she is the worst thing to happen to women in politics for a long time.
she's ignorant, not well-traveled or well-read, and not the kind of person that needs to be so close to the white house.
especially since it's really her that's running for president.

she is a frightening woman.
if you are a mccain/palin supporter, i'm sorry. but please do some goddamned research.



i'm never going to make good enough music to satisfy myself

hopefully not never)



i believe you are real.

please don't disappoint me.

being liberal does not mean being uneducated.
in fact, i am finding it quite the opposite these days.
but to each his own, i guess.)


procrastination is like masturbation

it seems all i'm ever doing is screwing myself.