it is not a crime

to want love

it is not a crime at all

(i started making a list to plan my future
where will i end up
pros and cons to be weighed)

(i wanted to say words
but it is not my place.
i don't have anything
someone else hasn't
already said, and i don't
really have anything
anyone would want to
hear. but that does not
mean i did not think
about her, that i was not
affected by her, that
i was not shocked and
could not think for a
while, felt so alone for
a while, like i had no
one to tell, to talk about
it with. because no one
here knows what
happened, and i was
stuck not thinking all
alone, thinking about
how maybe i should
have tried just a little
harder to learn about
her life. i am not torn
to pieces, admittedly,
but it is not my place
to be. those who are,
i would not take away
the meaning of what
they say by adding my
own words to the mix.
just that i wish, i wish
i had done something
while i could have.)

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