i think i may start actively avoiding meat again.
i say it this way because i don't eat a lot of meat in the first place out of habit, and it would really just be a switch to actually calling myself a vegetarian and not giving in to that chicken noodle soup.
it may just be another phase - i'm sure it won't be a permanent lifestyle change - but i have so many reasons to do it, i may as well. and i've been getting good amounts of protein from seeds and beans and all of those wonderful things. i've learned some good meatless eating habits from experience and other people. it shouldn't be too hard.

i'm also going to start exercising regularly, i hope. i grew a pair an went to work out today. luckily nobody was there, but still, i did it. i realized that was really the main unhealthy thing about me, my lack of exercise. so. hopefully turning over a new leaf.
(i just hope i can make time. sometimes it seems like even an hour and a half a week will be hard to come by, and that's just the minimum.)

i really want to be a healthy person. i've been thinking about it a lot, and it's becoming a bigger deal to me now than it has ever been. i don't want to get old and be sicker than i need to be. i don't want to be young and not in my prime. so i've got to shape up now, before it's too late, and make up for my lack of caring in the past.

anyways. i'm just rambling. there's so much going on in life, i just had to pick one issue to focus on and get some thoughts out. maybe later i will treat you to another thing.

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