meaningless stuff

july is almost over.
i've written a few new songs.
every morning at 6 am, give or take, i am still finding myself awake, although i don't need to be.
i'm picking back up old bad habits.
and losing one or two.
i've been feeling really weird at lately; i hope that it slid under the radar for most people.
i'm feeling better now, though.
i haven't finished my RA homework, or that book i was supposed to read.
that's what next week is for.
only two more days of work.
i take my driver's test saturday; i'm not afraid to drive anymore, and that's kind of a big deal.

that's all i've got, really.

oh, other than that i'm thinking of changing the name of the blog. this blog is old, but i want to keep it, and i think a new name would fit today's times much better than the one i picked...wow, has it been almost two years? almost two years ago.

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