i sang, "oh."

two songs by the mountain goats you might need in your life:

get lonely
woke up new

in fact, i just got the album, and i got all emotionally connected with it tonight, and would recommend the whole thing to you if you're feeling ambitious.

i made myself "the lying bookshelf reading list" to attempt to read most of the books i have on my shelves so i am made an honest woman, and there are 17 books that i'd like to finish in the next year...i wonder if that's even plausible. i buy too many books that i may never read.

i'm really, really tired. i made bad sleep decisions, but since when is that news to you guys?

three more weeks until moving time...holy dang.


terra said...

i just the heard the mountain goats...
just the other day...

that's so weird.

I need your address.
Facebook message me.

Gretel said...

I love the Mountain Goats. They are a little depressing though.