day one

i found an old notebook, and some things i like in it.

freewriting will come back in style.

you've got to carry me to the new land to the land of blue oysters and orange smiles you've got to carry me over the river into a sea of tears that will get our socks wet every time you've got to carry your burdens once you've set me down and you've got to carry them further that i'd ever ask you to carry me.
you've got to carry me down to the edge of sleep and whisper me into the water - i will follow your soft breath into the deep blue ocean of close-eyed visions.

if you carry me on your shoulders i will feel like i am the owner of a new standpoint, a new visionary world. i will feel youthful and joyful and untouchable.
if you carry me in your arms i will feel closest to your heart, with the ability to hear it when it sings. i will feel trusted and yet, for your sake, vulnerable.
if you carry me in your mind i will feel timeless and loved. you will have room on your shoulders and in your arms and in your hands for what you will, but to keep me in your mind although i am not in your arms is to hold me in an always fashion.

(i leave for tennessee this week, and i sincerely hope that they like me.)

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