here are some fragments of things i wrote down on post-it notes while working at my office job.
i just found them, and i'd rather not forget them, so i think i'll keep them here.
(i'd get bored and try to write poetry or whatever. most of this is sub-par, and i'm alright with that. they're just ideas to build on...or funny to me.)

oh, lighthouse keeper, you're the last of your kind
you've got time to think, time to make time
maybe someday you'll help me find
that not just waves can make your light

I wish I had a door I could close.

I've got a 20 minute window to get the hell outta here - maybe I'll take that chance, but maybe I'll get caught forever and ever in this copy-machine dungeon

I am made of things that break.
(this is a direct result of listening to a podcast that talked about health and the craziness of the human body and psyche
i listen to podcasts at work a lot)

your ideals equate to a "kick me" sign taped to your back.
you can't see the problem, but it doesn't stop you from getting beat up over it.

in other news, first real day of new job today; it's good.
the tennessee trip is partially planned.
i'm supposed to be cleaning my room and i'm not, but that's old news.
i've written a lot of songs lately out of necessity.

interesting tidbit for the day:

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