dance dance dance

words can never make up for what you do.
(thanks, satpreet, this song tied into my day wonderfully.)

another year of teaching little kids how to sing and dance and play games has begun, and i must admit that i am excited. it is such a great job, and although it can be long, it is a good day in the end.

it's surprising how much people change (or don't) over years and through experiences.

driving and nashville are the two things i think about anymore.
well, other things, too, but i won't disclose that privileged information to you.

i want the words i say to please you, but i'm going to say what i'm going to say regardless of what you think, at this point. and i am proud of that. and you should be proud of that. even if you are disappointed in me for the content, at least be proud of me for the context.

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