the angry blogger moment

alright, i am actually pretty upset at the state of humanity at the moment. so what am i going to do?
blog about it.

i being with a joke from larry the cable guy.
"how do you tell a toddler from a terrorist?
the terrorist will have the diaper on his head."
(his audience loved that jokes - whoops and hollers and cheers like you wouldn't believe.)

really, larry? what are you insinuating here?
that all people in turbans are terrorists? i know this is not true. the turban is religious and cultural garb, sure, but not all people in the same culture share the same beliefs. not everyone from that cultural is an extremist. not all people who live in the bible belt believe in a god, for example, so i don't see why you should be allowed to lump all those who have roots in that background together.
and i surely hope you are not implying that all terrorists wear turbans. this is, i must say, a horrible misconception. we here in america breed our own terrorists. i'm not sure if you've heard the reports of what our troops are doing the the civilians of iraq, but it is horrifying. we are breaking into their houses at 3 in the morning to choke their men and harass their women. we are shooting into their mosques. we are killing them for not much more of a reason than the slap on a back that a confirmed kill brings. the more brutal the killing the greater the reward - i think, sir, that we are now becoming the terrorists.

i am horribly offended that some think every muslim is a terrorist. i was attempting to talk to my grandmother about this, about how there are extremists in all faiths. granted, islam gives way a little easier to extremism in regards to dar al-islam and dar al-harb and all of those divisions, but it's not like we don't have extremists here in this country, in the faith of our majority! it's not like the christian faith is any less ridiculous with its evangelists and apocrypha. it's not like there haven't been religious wars on the western side of the world.

people are ridiculous. human beings are human beings. some have more good and some have more bad than others. ignorance is not an excuse anymore. ignorance is a horrible, horrible disease. and it is not being eradicated. there needs to be an anti-toxin, a vaccine, a way to stop this.

if someone has not done anything to hurt you, you have no reason to assume that they are in any way bad.

let them wear their turbans.

let them practice their religion.

do no harm.

assume no evil.

live and let live.

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S. Kahlon said...

The turban is actually one of the seven physical characteristics required of a man in order to be considered Sikh. And Sikhs are Indian, not Arabic. They are not Muslim. They are Sikh. They are not Middle Eastern. They are South Asian.

But hey. Whatever, Larry. You appeal to the uneducated, futureless fuck-ups of America all you want. Because they are your people after all.