in second place

here's the thing:
i want to write funny stuff, but mostly these days, i write when i am all crazy and turbulent and emotional.
my funny ideas get lost in stress and school and family and friends and being a college student and all of that silliness.
but i would like to write funny things, really.
maybe i will have to start using writing less as a venting, less as sad poetry, and more for everything instead of some things. because i have a lot of ideas, but only some of them make it here because i think they sound flowy and nice or something.


i am funny, i swear to god. i say funny things all the time.
so i should be able to write a funny narrative.
and sometime, i will.
and i will put it on my blog.
and you, reader, you will laugh.
out loud.

(second post in a day because i've realized that i am far too serious here, and it is very different from who i am in real life)


terra said...

dear allye,
i have mono

a few days ago i was longing for chai and a good book..and lots of sleep
and surprise i've gotten it all.

well except the good book part.

any ideas?

well i guess i'll go and listen to the new bits and pieces of the new death cab for cutie cd that i can find, clean my room, right pretty things, and do some of my homework.

oh the days off,
i love the feeling of my toes in my sweatpants when i'm comfortable in my bed.

terra said...

comment numero dos.

i'm thinking about not coming back to school until after pop's.

i feel like that's a good decision on my part.