beautiful silences

it's okay; you can admit that you don't love me.

the ball is in your court now.
i have tried, i have reached as far as i can go.
if you want something, then it is your turn to ask me.
i am done trying to find people who don't care to be found.
i am done trying to hold on to people who don't mind if they slip away.

it is horrible of me, but it is now everyone's turn to keep in touch with me.
as much as i love you
i want to know that you are willing to try.
because you know i am.

(in other news, it is sunny and beautiful. i am anxiously awaiting those "endless summer nights" and the possibility of driving myself everywhere. i anticipate the beach, writing a lot of music, and finding myself under bright skies again. i hope for being in love with the world again, for another summer. i'm looking forward to getting sad at night when everyone leaves, and falling asleep realizing that love will stay through the night. it's that time of year again, folks. here we go again.)

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