sail away

i need you to reassure me. i need you to convince me. i'm dancing around the subject, sure, and i'm trying to get you to say what i need to hear. but the truth is, i need to hear it to believe it.

i have this problem of not fully understanding what i like about myself until i know someone else likes it, too.
and there is so much i have not come to terms with yet.

i need you to reassure me that i am worth your while.
anyone's while.

it's just this mood i've been in; i need to know i'm good enough.

and these days, i feel like i'm not good enough for anything at all.

(i'll get out of this funk and like myself a little more, i hope. but for now, i attempt to see through foggy glasses.)

1 comment:

terra said...

dearest allye,
i wish you awake right now...
you probably are just...not cyber-ly.

i'm so tired
and i have a paper to write
i wish so much to have this day be done with...