another day

it's time to really start taking responsibility for myself.
i need to be able to get myself everywhere i need go, without anyone else.
i need to be able to speak up for myself, and say what i need to say.

sometimes, when things get scary, i say things and do things that aren't real. i look at things and can't see through the cloud of my eyes and so i see what's not there. i feel strange and i act accordingly.

i'm still trying to settle into myself. i will be for years. but i'm discovering things at a faster pace, these days. i have my solid foundation, i have my placated personality. now i am just building from the outside, gaining control of relationships and what i am able to handle of the world around me.

there's a day to celebrate love tomorrow; i am apathetic.
i'd like to celebrate love every day.

i just want you to hold my hand/be patient with me when there are things i don't understand.

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