won't you hear

i wish i could have things happen like this all the time
all the time

these moments of perfect insecurity.

"they wanna sleep
they wanna be slept"

power is words, is song.

i was at lunch yesterday and mentioned how i just want to sleep all the time, even when i've slept a lot, and how i thought that was kind of weird, and this girl looks at me and goes, "oh, huh. are you depressed?" it was so incredibly blunt, i didn't even know what to do, stumbling all over my "naw, i think it's just that i'm a bit overwhelmed, etc etc"

but my goodness, who asks things like that, especially in front of so many people? it's something you don't just outright ask a person.

at least in my experience.

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Simone said...

I love you and miss you. It's true.