say yes

please don't let me down this time
i've come a long way just to fold back into line

i've been writing a lot of half-finished music lately. hopefully soon it will become all-finished.
poetry and prose, however, have been sadly ignored. i feel like i need to pick up my pen again just for the sake of written word, with no care for anything else.

i get sad, sometimes, but i feel a little happier when i look at the pictures where we're smiling.

i had a flying dream the other night, and it fell into lucidity. i was excited.
i've also had a few dreams where i'm playing music, and i consciously know not only what song i'm playing, but the notes. this is not a common thing for me. it is pretty exciting, though.
i like how my dreams know what i want, and will let me know, and get it for me when the waking world decides it's impossible.

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