i'm so sorry

the way you are living your life
is getting you nowhere.

i can't associate with negative people anymore. they hurt. maybe i'm just way too sensitive, but it pains me. i honestly feel physical pain when i have to do things like listen to screaming music or watch people yell at each other.

i don't want these things.

please stop wanting them with me.

if we all begin, every day
to reject the lifestyle that has been handed to us
that is filled with so much anger
and so much materialism
and so much sadness
maybe we will all be okay.

let's just all be peaceful and quiet and reflective.

(and i know we are young, and i know being loud and reckless is fun, and i do it, too, but at the end of the day, all i want is peace. it overcomes any sort of want for excitement.)

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