spilled water

written in october 07, in the park i spent too much time in, when i had read too much d.h. lawrence and brought cummings to read for a change. and not much of a change it was.

i like to watch the
water, lying on top of
the earth
still, fragile
before it quietly sinks in
slow, slow
and makes the soil
grow, grow

i like to watch
you, lying on top of
still, fragile
before you quietly sink in
slow, slow
and make my body
grow, grow

of course, i realize now this is not as soft and pretty as it is rather creepy. and very much me trying to write like i read. the word choice is still something i'm not sure i like. the metaphor makes sense, but i'm rather ashamed that i thought of it.

but justification can ruin poetry.

pretend i never said anything.

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S. Kahlon said...

I like you and your shameless, if subtle, erotica.