aching wrists

i watched a history channel special on christmas, and i've decided that, as an adult, i'm going to celebrate the old way. i'm going to go carousing, be a horrific pagan. of course, if i have children, i'll change my ways. but drunken debauchery seems like quite the christmas spirit.

sarcasm aside, i've been thinking a lot about things completely unrelated to holidays, because i never notice when the holidays come around anyways, anymore. and i've got a lot to think about. and i thought up this thought which, now that i'm thinking about it, is quite funny and in keeping with the fact that i've been reading a lot of hitchhiker's guide. (it sounds very douglas adams, or at the least slightly british.)

i'm terribly glad christmas is almost over so that i can go back to being properly depressed about the winter season.

and oh, isn't it true?

anyways, i'm going to go and live life a little and make everything what i want it to be, at least for now.

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