travel-time-travel machine

you don't know what happens between us!
nobody has a fucking clue what happens between us and everybody has an opinion;
fuck that.

i wrote her a letter in my dream, and i never gave it to her, and she read it. i don't know how, but she somehow read it. and she just recited it to me just now, word by word - she knows it! and you know why?
because i think our brains are creating this loop that is incredibly complex. it's not as if our brains are communicating or telepathy or nothing like that. it is as if we were evolving each step into the same direction. it's called PSR - parallel synchronized randomness. it's incredibly rare.

it's as if we were jigsaw puzzles, you know? and we're falling, falling into the...

you will never date her, okay? she will drive you crazy...and believe me -

no, believe me. she just asked me for a date in 20 minutes. i have to go.

(one of the sweetest, saddest scenes.
i will always love this film the most.)

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