goal 3 is sex in zero gravity

it's days like these i know i'm a poet.
when i watch the wind, the leaves chasing each other in an orange frenzy, i know.
it's days like these when the soul of the earth manifests itself in something that is so much beyond words that it becomes words in my mind; i am a poet.

it's nights like these that i wish i were flying.
i want to be on a plane. i want to be on a plane flying into my lover's arms. i want to feel higher than the average citizen, like a member of the clouds. i want to feel that slightly nauseous, slightly sexual feeling that is turbulence. i want to be going somewhere, but perhaps not even somewhere; just going.

when i lie myself down, face in the grass, with a blanket of falling leaves, i know.
i am the earth.
my days are spent in it, i wish for nights above it.
i want an out-of-body experience.

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