i'm not an atheist that laughs at people who believe.
no, no, i could never be. because i understand why they do. i understand that vital necessity for some sort of reason in the midst of chaos.

but i cannot believe what they believe.

i respect their faith, but i am sad for their blind stupidity. it's all so old, so archaic. these religions are out of date, and all based upon things that even their followers do not look into. if everyone were educated on the basis of their religions, if everyone did research, if everyone looked farther...things would be much different.

were you aware that more people have been killed in religious wars than all of the other wars in history combined?
it's tragic.
it's so incredibly terrible.
i cannot believe.

i cannot believe in a god who creates hell, in a god who advocates violence, in a god with anger; your god.

but i can believe in love, and i can believe in something. so i do.
to hold on to something.

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