i was still asleep

and he woke me up again.

laying underneath a tree yesterday, i just stretched myself out, and let myself back in.
as i lay there, the wind danced on my hands, just barely kissing me, touching my face, and i realized something.

there is a beautiful subtlety in living.
the soft light that sifts through leaves. a breeze that reminds you of the intricacies of your own body.
it's so easy to forget ourselves when we get caught up in ourselves.
i know that sounds strange, and if you don't understand now, you never will.

we need to consistently remind ourselves of who we are.
human beings.
afraid and beautiful.
witty and solemn.

we are everything.
and we need to learn to see all of these things in everyone else.
and i know it's hard; i know.

but i'm trying.

(the thing i missed most the past few weeks ended up being real, good hugs from people who know and love and understand you. human touch is so incredibly valuable.)

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