the great bicycle adventure

it was a good day yesterday.
i took a little bike-tour of my town and it was a delightful, sunny, headphone'd, fresh, slightly sunburnt experience.
my legs felt a little wobbly after an hour of biking, and, honestly, walking down stairs was a little difficult.
and, in all honesty, there were enough bumps and potholes for me to have a bruise on my butt. it hurts.

i think people should bike more.
i think that i should bike more.

the proper playlist, the proper weather, the proper route, and it's as if a movie is happening, and the camera is in your head. it is a wonderful thinking spot.

it's also much better for you, for the earth, for everything.
let's all bike now!
i really sort of want a bike revolution. people were starting it, and maybe i will join.
i like the idea.

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Simone said...

We should go on a bike ride together sometime!! =]