I am too clumsy to hold you in my hands because I will drop you, I will drop you and you are so fragile in my heart. I am just a blanket of yearning laying over a lost soul, I am fighting to keep it but it'll be gone by the time it's open. Please save me. Please save me as many times as you can because as we know it gets trying and you can't just keep opening yourself into my arms for my sake and I'm sorry it makes you tired but maybe, for once, I'll save you.

You are going to fill me up with broken pencils and broken ideas. You are going to build me buildings of straw, give me tears of fresh water. I am not going to sing for that.

You're clever in your sigh. It fills a room, it echoes inside.
You're clever in your sigh and its imperceptible air of contentment.
But I can see the inside of your mouth
With it so wide open like that
And therefore, I know everything.

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