in my dream, i was naked.
i've never been naked, even in a dream, like that.
not in front of anyone.
and there i was, in front of hundreds of people, in the middle of a soccer game at a school i was attending, in front of everyone i knew, running around a field and telling people to be free.
to let themselves go.
that this nakedness was what we all needed.

i was myself.

and everyone was happy.

everyone was so happy that there was someone who wasn't afraid to run naked in a field in front of hundreds of people. to be raw. to be uninhibited. to be so open, so open about everything that you are just naked.


in front of everyone.

this is the most symbolic dream i've ever had, because this is how i feel, now.
that i'm naked, and that's ok.
because everyone understands that i am.
and everyone is going to join me, eventually, or so i hope.

[remember that time when we were talking about how afraid i was to be naked?
i don't think i am anymore.
which is pretty significant.]

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