come on, baby.

the world is only falling as fast as you will let it and the darkness in these eyes is only one step away from truth. it all changes in your breath when the wind sifts through all the good ideas, airing them out to be shown to the world, full, unafraid. these are our full hearts, our words of glory. How many times can one say they have done what they have failed to do? Never is a word we are slowly avoiding and attempting to recreate into something valuable. Please, hold my hand while i turn this world into what i want it to be. I am slowly learning to live again, taking the dust and building statues. Eyes open with sunlight and fear, and everything is conquered in a single hiccup's time. Maybe we are shaking, sure, but we are living in the everything of nothing. come on, baby, sing me a song. The trees are only so young and your voice looks so fine close up. Believe me when i tell you it is sunshine, it is warmth. I want you to know of my thoughts and i would like to climb into yours, explore, share. We are going to live. Come on, baby, play me a song, and I will sing, too. Come on, come on, come on, baby. i just want some music

[writing just to write and not worrying about what i'm saying is a great release.]

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