so leave the ways that are making you love
what you really don't want to love

...i'm sorry, but i have to.
i don't want to any more.
it's time, it has been for a long time.

i'm letting go.
slowly, surely...

"everything will turn out the way you want if you just stop doubting that i love you"
[and you know i always did
and always will
and that is why...things are going where they are.
because it's life.
and we aren't in a perfectly crafted plot, and i am not going to fall into everything beautiful.
i am going to have to craft it with my own hands, like i could never craft so many things.]

ever since my breakdown months ago i can't look at a clock in the same way.

i want to live inside your arms.
i don't even know who you are.

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