we'll see.

i'm spending so much more time alone now.
so much.

i don't know if i mind it.

"the more an equal a relationship is, the more comfortable it becomes."

i am beginning to realize that none of my relationships are equal. and that none of them probably ever will be. either i consider someone a much bigger influence in my life than they will ever consider me, or the opposite. i either love someone more, or in a different way, than they will ever love me...or i cannot love them as much or in the same way as they do me.

i cannot be what people need from me or they cannot be what i need from them.


that's fine.

i just wish i could find a perfectly balanced relationship in which i knew exactly what they wanted and could give it to them, and they would try to do the same for me.

"i do it for you
because i know that you'll do the same for me one day."

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