new computer.

all play counts set to 0 on itunes (which is currently changing as we speak)
everything brilliant and new in my electronic life, basically.

it's almost a little frightening.

but thanks to the neighbors' wireless internet, shuffle, and staying up too late...everything will be resolved, yes?
or at least we could pretend it is.

(blogging on a laptop makes me feel a little more artistic than i really have a right to, i think.
once i get word, that'll be the end of everything. i'll be a writer if i'm anything...ha
these headphones, too, are just adding to the ideas that i'm not cool enough to have
my life is such a movie
watch the camera pan out from the left side of my face, curving back and up...and out...there it goes)

anyways....i really oughta sleep. or play more. i can't decide. but...there's nothing productive for me to do...so who knows.

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